Me and the Slovenian women’s national volleyball team. No big deal. (Taken with Instagram at Carolina Coliseum)

Watching the USC women’s volleyball team play an exhibition against the Slovenian national team. (Taken with Instagram at Carolina Coliseum)

Hipster wall decorations. (Taken with Instagram at The 638)


Everyone calls it by the colors

Caterpillar (Taken with Instagram)

Der Nebel vor der Regnen ist so schön. (Taken with Instagram)


International Philosophy: Germany vs. Greece

I know it’s been posted a zillion times, but still: with Germany playing Greece tonight, the classic Monty Phyton version of this football match is just mandatory.


10 Queensland Rail Train Etiquette Posters 

Queensland Rail has launched a campaign to encourage people to behave with courtesy and respect. The campaign has captured people’s imaginations, but probably not the way Queensland rail originally wanted. Some people have been modifying the original posters to attack more serious train problems like public drunkenness and loud people. Others have given the characters in the posters strange back stories. Here’s 10 of the earliest ones to emerge. This tool lets you make your own.